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The word RAAIE (pronounced “ray”) comes from “Ra”, both the ancient Egyptian sun god, as well as the Maori word for “sun”, and “ray of light”.


This relationship is a complex dance of admiration and caution, where the sun's life-giving light and warmth meet the challenge of its harmful UV rays, responsible for 80% of extrinsic signs of skin aging.

RAAIE is rooted in the philosophy of embracing the sun’s benefits while protecting against its dangers. 

Our approach is guided by chronobiology, designing products that align with your skin’s natural rhythms to shield against sun damage and repair signs of aging like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture.


Our products harness the power of the world’s most resilient land, sea and alpine botanicals, thriving in New Zealand in some of the harshest UV conditions on Earth, and blended with cutting-edge cosmeceutical science. 

Learn more about the self-healing powers of New Zealand’s land, sea and alpine botanicals.

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Katey spent much of her childhood rewilding her family farm in northern New Zealand with her father, learning about the power of New Zealand’s native plants from a young age and how plants from New Zealand’s ancient forrests such as kawakawa, harakeke (flax), kōwhai and mānuka have been used for generations for protection and healing.

She then moved in London and New York for 13 years, working in the fashion and beauty industries. Upon returning home, she combined her passion for New Zealand’s botanicals with her international brand-building experience, and RAAIE was born.


RAAIE packaging is designed to feel like sacred objects; something people would cherish rather than throw away. This unique, minimalist approach to packaging has been recognised globally and resulted in RAAIE winning ‘Best Brand Design and Marketing’ at the NZSCC awards and a finalist at the NEXT Beauty Awards in Los Angeles for ‘Best Packaging’.

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The Approach

Our formulation approach is to combine ancient wisdom with modern sensibility; by drawing inspiration from native botanicals of New Zealand, and infusing them into consciously formulated, clinically led, and lab-approved beauty ingredients.

Starting with the early work of Biochemist Iona Weir, who identified a unique magic in the microflora of New Zealand, the Raaie R&D team worked with research-led botanical bioactive facilities to identify and evaluate the antioxidant activity of New Zealand botanicals via in-vitro analysis. New Zealand’s botanicals have unique antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pollution activity due to the high UV levels in this part of the world. Our native flora, such as marine algae, manuka honey, mamaku black fern, kanuka extract, native mushrooms and harakeke native flax are bioactively-rich. Studies also showed sauvignon blanc grape seeds, blackcurrants, rosehip, and green tea grown in New Zealand have up to 200% more antioxidants than overseas varieties. After comprehensive testing over six years, our partners confirmed the unique antioxidant power of New Zealand’s native plants with robust, evidence-based results.

RAAIE then underwent two additional years of R&D - including multiple customer trials - to develop these raw materials into proprietary formulas that synergistically combines the best of New Zealand’s microflora with the latest developments in the world of cosmeceutical science. The result is unique, highly efficacious formulas to be applied morning and night for optimum skin health.

Results Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum

* Panel of 36 respondents between the ages of 24-56, over 6 weeks of using Morning Dew every day.

91% said their skin looked brighter

89% said their skin looked more dewy

86% said their skin looked more even toned