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RAAIE Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews

I have super sensitive skin, bumpy rosacea, and occasional hormonal acne, and the Moonbeam Retinal has not at all reacted or agitated my skin but CALMED, SOOTHED AND SMOOTHED it. It’s quite a miracle. I use it every second night, and wake up with baby soft skin and rosacea bumps are decreasing. The Sun Milk Drops are a velvety layer of protection during the day, best sunscreen I’ve ever tried. Can’t wait to expand my Raaie range, stunning products that feel good and get results.


Raaie is the complete package - natural botanical ingredients, cruelty free, true and fabulous results all from a company that loves our planet. I am honoured to be using such beautiful elegant products. The Cocoon Ceramide Cream & Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum are my strong combination that makes my skin glow - thank you x

This is it!

I have been searching for a long time for the perfect sunscreen and have tried so many. I was looking for something without the long list of negative chemicals and something that didn’t make my skin breakout or feel heavy. AND it needed to be a NZ product. This is it! I actually look forward to putting sunscreen on everyday even if I’m not going to be in the sun all day, which I have never done before.


This product is truly amazing, my mature skin is so hydrated and glowing. 💕


For over 2 years now RAAIE has been a part of my daily AM and PM rituals. RAAIE is everything I dreamed of and more! It’s my Salute to the Sun on a sunny blue sky day. It’s my calm, nurturing hug on a cold winters morning. It’s the missing link I have always searched for to satisfy the yearning desires of my skin. Thank you for the joy your products bring. The curvaceous bottles alone stir a connection, a belonging. My sensitive skin has found a soulmate in RAAIE. Eternally yours x


Love the skin feeling, just an incredible product. Aesthetic product packaging too!

Beautiful products!

I have used most products on the market, it is so nice to find Raaie, I feel that it has really changed my skin for the better, I am very much enjoying all the products,

Pleasantly surprised

Pleasantly surprised by how gentle the duo serum is, as my skin usually break-out with serum/cream containing retinol. My skin is looking radiant and silky these days.

Back for more

I've been using this for over a year and is simply the best! Nice tinted colour, light weight and great under make-up.

Lovely product

I’ve tried many expensive vitamin C serums and was going to give up on them but absolutely love this one and am on my second bottle. It has a beautiful subtle scent and really improves my skin. It’s a lovely gift for friends too.

Best sunscreen!

I love it! It’s light but still gives you full sunscreen coverage, the tint is perfect. The sunscreen feels amazing in your skin - not greasy or heavy. Highly recommended.

Cocoon ceramide cream

I just love this beautiful cream and cocoon. The refil is such a bonus. In addition, the service from raaie is outstanding.

Finally my search is over!

I've tried a bunch of chemical and mineral sunscreens over the years, and this is honestly the best one I've found. It's non-greasy, blends into my skin so nicely, and actually leaves my face feeling so soft - something I don't think I've ever experienced with another sunscreen. And what a bonus that this is a mineral sunscreen! I almost didn't get it, due to being disappointed by another well-rated sunscreen a few weeks earlier, but I'm so glad I did. I won't be using anything else on my face from now on!

The perfect sunscreen!

This is such a beautiful product that I highly recommend! I wear it every day as it goes so well under makeup and on its own. It is lightweight, does not leave a white cast (looks white briefly but soon disappears), unscented, and leaves my skin looking and feeling great.. things I had never found in a natural sunscreen prior to purchasing the sun milk drops. I am so pleased to have found the perfect natural sunscreen that I feel comfortable putting on my skin every day.

Love the Sun Milk Drops

I have been using this product for 30 days now. It works very well as sun protection and feels great on my face. It is light and easily absorbed with no sticky residue on my face. I love the peach tint. Since using this product I very rarely use foundation now. I am 51 and highly recommend using this and the other products.

Sun saver

Super light and easy to apply. Finally a sunblock that provides all the benefits without the nastys. A must in my daily routine living in sunny HB

Minis AM/ PM Set
Marion Emmanuelle S W

Was struggling with my skin after I stopped the pill. The mini am pm set worked fantastically on my skin. Also I have a very sensitive skin and the retinal is gentle on your skin. Well done Raaie team

Mīharo -wonderful.

Since this is my second purchase of Cocoon Ceramide Cream I am so happy it is in refill form, being able to reuse the beautiful outer cocoon. Potentially for a lifetime!
The cream is beautiful, I will continue using as the benefits are soft, glowing skin. It smells gorgeous.

AM/ PM Treatment Set
Chelsea Drey
The best

Honestly I’m shocked at how good they are! Wish I’d taken before and afters haha

AM/ PM Treatment Set
Michelle Crampton
Not what I expected, particularly for the price

I’m actually very disappointed after purchasing the duo.
Firstly my skin broke out then it became super dry

Hi Michelle, thanks for your feedback. This is an unusual reaction. Can we send you an email to understand a bit more about what is going on? We can see you purchased on 29 April so are offically outside your 30 day money back return but we are happy to extend this if you'd like to return the products? Just email through to the team at

Cocoon moisturizer

Love it, non greasy, smooth, great stuff

Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir

This stuff is magic. Onto my second bottle. Have really noticed a change to my skin. Use in the pm and then slather a lovely rich night cream over the top. Gives a gorgeous glow. This brand is amazing x

This Stuff is Magic

I got a sample of your SPF via Steph at The Green Room in Hastings and I could not believe how amazing it made my skin look (coupled with Steph’s amazing facial). I brought a bottle immediately from Steph and do not regret it one bit. My makeup stays on all day, my skin looks glowy and healthy and in the weekends I don’t even use makeup because the spf has the most magical ability to even out skin tone without actually adding an ick colour that gets all over your clothes - I can’t work out what’s going on - but I LOVE IT and will tell everyone and anyone. Thank you, that’s 10 stars from me!

My skin feels so much softer and the colour is less blotchy.

Probably the best customer service I’ve come across!

I haven't yet been able to use these beautiful products as I’m currently using up what I do know so far is that the customer customer service is really outsanding. So helpful. And the product packaging is so beautiful that I will be leaving these out on display which in turn will mean I will actually use them. A friend of mine has been using them and her skin is looking incredible which is why I am now trying them out for myself. Thanks Raaie team! Can’t wait to see my skin looking the best it possibly can xx